Samya tried to start an entrepreneurship scam in April 2016 on Facebook claiming to have huge returns in euros. When no one bought into this scam, she thought of the cancer scam which she started immediately after it.




Samya launched her cancer scam on various Muslim websites in May 2016 where she knew she would find vulnerable and generous donors. Read the long-winded, emotion-laden lies she concocted to get people’s sympathy.





On 11th June 2016, someone posts on French fundraising website on Samya’s behalf claiming that SAMYA IS DEAD!!! The fundraiser claims that she died on the first day of Ramadan 2016 (6th June 2016), the same day on which Samya said she had her first brain cancer surgery at Omega Hospital, on her Facebook fundraising group. The French fundraiser claims to be collecting money for posthumous (after-death) charity projects in Samya’s name. Samya lied about her own death when she saw there was not enough response to her cancer claim!!!







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