Bushras phone number, registered to Samyas name

Bushra’s phone number was found to be registered in Samya’s own name. Bushra’s email address with which she contacted donors is also the same as in this picture and is actually Samiya’s. The IP address of the email was traced to Hyderabad India whereas Bushra claims to be in Ottawa Canada doing a masters course. This shows clearly that Bushra is a fake ID being operated by Samiya while she was in Riyadh and by someone else in Hyderabad as well.

samya confirming that she doesnt have a diet she needs to stick to or a special meal, but on a post on the facebook page, it was confirmed she needed money for her special diet


Fake and fabricated letters posted on the GoFundSamya FB group when people began asking for proof in January 2017. The first letter was hand-wtitten on the memo pad of a company called Abdul Lateef for Industrial Investment which was contacted and it confirmed that no such letter was issued by them and they were never approachd by any cancer patient for monetary funding. The letter has no name of the signatory – no company will issue an official letter handwritten and without the name of who issued the letter. The stamp on this letter is the same as that on the next letter (printed on the letterhead of Health Beam Co.) and Abdul Lateef Co. confirmed it is not affiliated in any way to Health Beam Co. whose stamp was used on the forged letter. The next letter is printed on the letterhead of Health Beam Co. and a fake passport number is mentioned in the letter. This letter too has no signatory mentioned. The number of Health Beam is out of service clearly proving that the company is not operational and doesnt even exist anymore. Furthermore, Bushra claimed in an email that Samiya’s father worked in a medical supplies company and Health Beam supplies medical equipment, which is where they got the letter paper from.







notice that the year of the date has been edited by hand while the rest of the slip is typed out

Another report posted in the new group: the date in red has clearly been tampered with and written by hand as 10-Feb-2017. All other surrounding text is in computer generated font. ‘Feb 2017’ is clearly written by hand. This is because Samya claimed to have another brain and breast cancer surgery coming up in March 2017 for which she travelled to India this month, and is trying to pass this off as a new report given by her doctor this month, whereas it is an old report.

notice in the blue circle, the yeah has been conveniently cropped out of the picture, but in the red circle, it is very clear that it is written 2012

Samiya and Bushra created a new group called SAMIYA. on 9th Feb 2017 to collect funds where Samiya posted this report by the doctor as proof. The date under the sign in red clearly shows the report was made on 10/2/2012 and the date in blue above has been cropped off to hide the actual year (i.e. 2012)

Bushras IP address traced and discovered to be in India when she claimed to be in Canada
The Parlor where Samya was last seen, getting a makeover, and talking about her impending marriage and migration to USA
tampered with Passport, if you notice the number is not the same, and if you look closely, you can see the number * has been pasted on top of the number 3, something easily done on MS Paint

DOB on passport: 22/1/1993

Actual Age: 24 years as of 22/1/2017

Samiya made multiple claims in provate conversations and in the public Facebook group that she turned 22 years old on 22/1/2017

Note that Samya tampered with her passport number on the top right when she sent the image (she changed it to P8787282). However you can see the correct passport number in the left corner below:

P3787282 (marked in red)

Bushra posts on the FB group on 26 December 2016 claiming Samiya has had a sudden relapse of brain cancer and is now also diagnosed with breast cancer. She also claims Samiya is turning 22 in January, whereas according to the DOB on her passport, Samiya is actually 24 years old this January.


3 thoughts on “Additional Proofs

    1. I know samiya even her parents they are not such people .. Maybe its someone else making her do all this .. We cant say anything .. And if she did it May Allah show her the right path …Allah knows the best !!! Let’s just pray for the good …


  1. This is leaving us all speechless. If this is true its been badly played with people’s emotions.

    But for the ones who have donated. Do not grieve for your reward is by Allah in shaa Allah .i just pray this doesnt shake our trust on ppl who are needy and honest


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